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5 movies that impressed me in 2010

2010 is coming to a close and with just a last Friday to go, we had 113 films released in this year. This is definitely one of the disappointing year for tollywood. The year is disappointing not just because we have seen very few successful films. The success ratio of the industry has been low for ages. It is disappointing as the films that are hyped and produced at the higher budgets have failed to recover cost. Bad news is that there were very few films that have impressed all. When I say impressed, I’m not necessarily linking collections to it.

I have filtered all the movies that were released in 2010 and pulled out the movies that impressed me.

5 movies that impressed me in 2010

1. Prasthanam– I would rank Prasthanam as ranked no.1 in my list for 2010. Made with a modest budget of Rs. 3.2 cr Deva Katta impressed me with his narrative. He has proven that stars are not needed to make a good movie and extracted good performances from Sai kumar, Sarvanand and Sundeep Kishen. Though the storyline is not different and has been tested from time to time, we were not reminded of any of those films and that’s what impressed me in this small budget movie.

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5 movies that impressed me in 2010

2. Leader– One director who always impressed me with simplicity of his ideas and himself is Shekhar Kammula. I have seen him not compromising on any of his ideas and making what he wants to make and still taste success. Leader is one of such movies where Shekhar as a common man wanted to show the change he wanted to see in the political system. Debut actor Rana did extremely well as the protagonist and though criticized by many for an idea which they thought is not practical, Leader impressed all for the honesty of the idea and sincerity in the execution.

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5 movies that impressed me in 2010

3. Vedam– Directed by Krish who made his debut with Gamyam, Vedam portrays the story of individuals with different destinations and goals who meet in the face of trouble. Though packed with stars, Krish could extract what he wanted without any baggage of stardom hanging around and we have seen some of the best performances by Allu Arjun and Manchu Manoj in this movie.

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5 movies that impressed me in 2010

4. Andari Bandhuvaya– Directed by Chandra Siddhartha and starring Sharvanand, Andari Bandhuvaya tries to bring noble thought of helping all in the mind of the people. Though in the lines of his earlier film- Aa Naluguru this movie has different characters and different circumstances.

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5 movies that impressed me in 2010

5. Ye Maya Chesaave- When love has become commercial and the thought of true has become elusive, Ye Maya Chesave tries to show love from the eyes of a person who falls in love and wins his love irrespective of differences in religion, thought and the best part is this love wins over time. This movie has shown true emotions and most of the action is pretty natural. AR Rahman played a very vital in shaping the film into a memorable love story.

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by Brahma Mahesh

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