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16 Online Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2016

The holidays are wrapped up and the new year is just beginning, meaning focus in your marketing department has likely shifted from cookie-baking contests back to online user cookie tracking. Over the past 12 months, we saw many of the predicted trends from 2015 come to life in brand campaigns and marketing activities around the web. Prep yourself for this year’s changes with these 16 trends that will shape the digital marketing scene in 2016.

1. Branded Video Makes a Long Play

2. Visual Assets Drive E-Commerce

3. The Internet of (Every)Things

4. Instagram Advertising Unleashed

5. Celebrity Influencer Marketing

6. Data Scientists

7. Adapting to NextGen Social

8. Moving on From Millennials

9. Coming to You Live(Stream)

10. Adapting to Ad Blockers

11. Trying on Wearable Tech

12. Marketing & Sales: Together at Last

13. The Changing Face of Content

14. Native Ads Take to the Airways

15. Relationship Marketing

16. Acing the Marketing Test

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