Naidu’s convoy attacked by pro-Telangana supporters

Pro-Telangana supporters attacked former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s convoy in Pargi.
Convoy was attacked with stones and glasses of some cars destroyed in the incident.
Clever driver of Naidu avoided a mishap when the driver almost lost control to avoid the agitators.
The agitators also attacked the TV journalists shooting the incident. Police has to resort to lathi charge. Naidu started to Kosgi in Mahabub Nagar district amidst tight security. Comparatively, TDP has good number of followers in Mahabubnagar district.

2 Responses to “Naidu’s convoy attacked by pro-Telangana supporters”

  1. Jai Lagadapati says:

    The bloody stupids. Stone pelting at the leaders who will do them good and who are working for them. They are all sheep who are following the bloody KCRs and Bloodiest Madhu Yashkis.

  2. Jai Lagadapati says:

    The socalled telangana people, other are hating them so much that the word telangana when spoken is inviting somany titlu that u cant bear to hear them. They are thinking that they can beat anyone, they can hurt anyone they can target and harass anyone and nobody will do anything, which is wrong. The perception of normal people now is anything concerned to or with telangana is untouchable. if people of telangana or the socalled leaders who are instigating such kind of incidents learn of this it is for the better of normal people. Otherwise, god knows what their fate will be. KCR is saying repeatedly na that there will be tsunami after Dec 31, he and people who support him will see what tsunami really is.