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Ayyare Telugu Movie

Ayyare The film stars Rajendra Prasad, Shivaji and Saikumar and debutante Anisha Singh in the (More...)

Solo Telugu Movie

Nara Rohit’s second film titled Solo with a tag line solid love story. It is (More...)

Vareva Telugu Movie

Comedian Brahmanandam’s son Gowtham’s second film ‘Vaarevaa’. Sambhavi, a new comer is being introduced as (More...)

Bhageerathudu Telugu Movie

Bhageerathudu’ starring Vinod Kumar as well as Yamuna as lead story of Late Dr Y (More...)

Raatri Telugu Movie

After the success of a horror/thriller like ‘Mantra’ and ‘Arundhati’, some producers and directors tried (More...)

Anjaneyulu Telugu Movie Review by Chetanz

Ravi Teja as Protoganist Anjaneyulu carried entire movie on his shoulders. His mind-blowing performance and timing in dialog delivery (More...)

Fitting Master Telugu Movie

The title suggests a rib-tickling comedy, but the film Fitting Master is semi-serious attempt to convey a message through a meaningless formula format of revenge killings. (More...)

Yuvatha Telugu Movie

Yuvatha is a neatly packaged youthful entertainer with meaningful lyrics, good music, a credible story, bouts of suspense, a little romance and light-hearted humour. (More...)

Blade Babji Telugu Movie

This is a full length comedy where ordinary people attempt impossible things and get caught in a web of their own errors. (More...)

Gunde Jhallumandi Telugu Movie

Most of the directors had a strong belief that bringing out a love subject is (More...)

Ready Telugu Movie

This is an out and out mass masala movie with the central theme based on (More...)